Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is a typical session like?

There are no typical sessions, each treatment is specifically designed for that day's unique and special needs. For example, having just worked out the day prior to your session, you come in and let me know that your lower back and legs are really sore, tight and hurting. Your treatment would be designed to help flush and relieve the accumulated toxins from your muscles and utilize joint mobilization along with heat therapy, as well as, including that day's personal intention.

What is a personal intention?

A personal intention can be Mental, Emotional, Physical or Spiritual. You come in with specific intentions to clear, open, release, relax and de-stress, energize etc. Your session is then created to meet your intention with the multiple modalities that I have available to help.

How long is a session?

I offer a complete range of sessions from a 15 minute session to 90 minute and longer.... See my Price list for complete details.

What if I am really shy...?

Do I have to completely disrobe? I suggest that you do what is comfortable for you. You choose whether or not to take your shorts off... You are always completely covered except for the areas that I am working on. You have complete privacy to get on and off of the table.

Do you offer sessions where I do not have to undress at all?

Yes. I offer both table and chair massage that involves no disrobing at all. Most of our Medical Massage sessions are providing through clothing only. I provide t-shirts and shorts for those that are coming from work.

I'm allergic to nuts specifically "Almonds"... What kind of oil do you use?

I use 100% Organic cold pressed blend of made of: Safflower, Grape seed and Vitimine E. Unscented. Just pure and simple. A very hydrating light combination that soothes dry skin and is completely absorbed in without that left over greasy feeling. You can always bring your own.

How about your lotion? What do you use?

I use "Alba" very emollient body lotion. Unscented. 100% Pure and Organic. 100% Vegetarian ingredients and Not tested on animals.

I'm sensitive to perfumes... Do you use any?

No. I leave both oil and lotion unscented. When your session is specifically designed for you, I have our 100% Pure essential oil collection that I can draw from. (I do burn sage and incense for meditative properties and cleansing, however if you are sensitive to these oders PLEASE let me know...)

Do you use Aromatherapy?

Yes. I have an extensive collection to draw from. 100% Pure. I use them at your request and never add them without first checking if you are allergic or would prefer to have them included in your session. (note to Sue: please add to price list $10.00 additional fee for inclusion of 2 Aromatherapies per session)

I am recently out of surgery, can I still receive a massage?

It all depends on when, where and what for. This is something I would discuss on the phone prior to scheduling your appointment time. Often times a Lymphatic draining session is the most gentle and appropriate treatment of choice.

I like it silent, do we have to talk?

I generally do not have ongoing chit chat, it really does take away from your session, unless of course, we are directly discussing the needs of your session and the detailed points of care. Our general rule of thumb is... if you don't want to talk - that's fine and if you do want to talk - that's fine as well. You choose.

I'm ticklish... how do you handle that?

I have found that applying a bit more pressure cures that, but in the event that a foot or arm just cannot let go, then I move on, and focus on the areas that are not ticklish.

What is "Area Specific" work?

This is where I work on an area in the body that has acute pain, injury or trauma. For example, someone comes in a Tension headache and requests that I work to help release the pain. I focus only on the areas and techniques that will help to get relief for that days session. A question that I often ask is: What is your intention and do you want "Area Specific" work or a full body treatment session? You choose.

What is your cancellation Policy?

I kindly ask that you give me 24 hours notice, otherwise I will need to bill you for that missed appointment. That is a courtesy to me so that I can fill that time slot.

How often should I receive a massage?

If you have a chronic condition, you may want to schedule 1-2 appointments a week for a couple of weeks and then gradually lengthen the time between appointments. However, under normal conditions, once every 3-4 weeks is recommended for optimum health maintenance.

Can Massage help with my Fibromyalgia?

Yes. Massage therapy relaxes muscles and increases range of motion and blood circulation as well as controlling pain. The first 1 or 2 treatments can often cause increased muscle soreness, so using ice, heat, creams or water therapy afterwards may be necessary. Once the muscles become used to the technique, the usual response if one of considerable relaxation and decreased pain.

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