Marc Marc B. Gonzalez, L.M.T.
"I have been a client of Marc's for over six years and in that time he has worked out the stress of a closing business, the pains of a pregnancy and the many sessions since. His professionalism and compassion combined with his skill and expertise as a massage therapist have made every session a truly healing experience. Marc has made me a dedicated client who refuses to use anyone else" Stephanie Chartier, Sedona
"I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to the jargon used by most people in the healing arts. For me, a massage either makes me feel good. Or it doesn't. In the case of Marc B. Gonzalez, good is not enough of a description. He is a true artiste when it comes to making me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The word I would use to describe his incredible gift is: creative. It's as if my body is a lump of clay and he is the sculptor who breathes new life and energy into it. I can feel the sincerity in his hands, the intuitive skill in his fingers. He is indeed a master craftsman of bodywork!"
Jill Williams, Writer & Poet
"Marc, I have suffered with back pain and sciatica for some time now, yet after only a couple of sessions with you, I am now pain free. You are so adept at finding those "tight spots" and relieving the soreness. Thank you for your skillful, healing touch. You are fantastic."
Dr. Mark McGrath, DDS Pasadena, TX
I have been a licensed massage therapist in Florida since 1995. Since then I have taken just about every opportunity to experience all kinds of massage made available by either exchanging with other therapists or receiving massage as a regular client. In other words, I have had lots and lots of different kinds of massage with many therapists. I am saying this so that my next statement will have more credibility- Marc is the BEST! He is attentive, flexible, a great listener, very skilled, sensitive- he really knows his stuff! He will accommodate you by customizing your session with what you need at that particular time... Geez- I even think he's better than me, which is something most therapists will never admit!
Jean Olsen, Sarasota, FL (license # MA 0018257)
I like to go to the gym and used to do pull-ups and dips. About ten years ago I injured my right shoulder and lost mobility in my arm. Simple tasks like raising my arm above my head or reaching for something beside me became difficult. I assumed this condition was permanent, learned to live with it and use my left hand a lot more. Two weeks ago I got a massage from Mark and the next day noticed I could reach things I couldn't before in the passenger seat while driving. After years of being unable to do dips, I am now back up to doing fourteen with no pain. Other exercises involving shoulder rotation that caused me mild pain or discomfort before are also now pain free. Specifically I'm a photographer, and my camera with the zoom lens and flash weighs 6½ pounds. I had to develop a new technique for taking vertical shots because of the stress on my shoulder. Now I can go back to the traditional method.
Bud Ellis - Bud Ellis Photography
I would like to recommend Marc B. Gonzalez to you. For nearly 40 years I've enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of massage. I have to say that during this time I've had the best. I was recently worked on by Marc, and he is simply amazing. Not just for the great massage, but also for the healing effects I noticed afterward. He really has the knowledge, and the touch.
Phil Moyer, Realtor/Film Producer, Cottonwood, AZ
I have been going to see Marc for massages for approximately nine (9) months. Starting out going monthly, I increased my visits to bi-monthly after suffering a back injury. Marc was wonderful in using a variety of massage techniques to relieve my pain. Also, I can’t say enough about his ability to identify what was going on with my body and advise me as to possible ways I could improve my body’s ‘inner balance’. I really feel great after every visit.
Peter Gendron, Sedona, AZ
My husband and I first entered Marc’s office in Cornville almost a year ago. From the very first massage, I thought, “Wow! He’s phenomenal!” Having had massages for many years, everywhere from NY to CA and in between, I would definitely say Marc has to be one of the best massage therapists I’ve been to. Much of what amazes me about skilled massage therapists, is their ability to sense exactly where my pain is. Marc is without a doubt, one of those skilled therapists and I highly recommend him!
Rita Gendron, Sedona AZ


Serving as a full-time Massage Therepist since 1991.

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